Choosing a Therapist

The latest clinical research suggests that the single most important factor in choosing your therapist is “Can I work with this person”. When you begin to work with your therapist, it is the quality of the relationship that you can form with your them that determines the degree to which you will experience a positive outcome.

There are many different types of therapy and many different levels of training and experience out there, however  if you are unable to form a good working alliance with your therapist then you are unlikely to experience the success that you desire.

So , some questions to ask yourself about the personal qualities of the therapist you are choosing

Do they seem real or fake to me ?

Do they answer my questions honestly about how they work ?

Do they seem trustworthy ?

Do I have a good sense that I could feel comfortable with them ?

Do they make me feel accepted and not judged ?

Do I have a “good feeling” about them ?

Do I connect with them in the photo provided.

These questions in themselves will not guarantee a good outcome but they will help you assess who might be a good person to contact.

When you then make contact by telephone, its a good idea to check out how you are feeling about this person that you have not yet met. Are you still feeling like they are genuine and trustworthy. Do you feel comfortable  talking with them. Do they seem real to you and are they using language that you can understand.

Even then, it is only when you have met your therapist that you will get a better sense of what they are really like but in checking out these things first, you could save yourself time and money in finding the right person for you. Don’t feel you have to stick with the first person you contact, this is an important investment you are making in yourself and finding the right person is key.

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