Therapeutic Counselling

Counselling is a talking process which helps you to develop greater self awareness. Working with a skilled listener who can help you identify patterns in your life that you might want to enhance or change.

Many people consider Therapy to be about “fixing” problems in your life, and many people do arrive at constructive solutions to issues that have held them back for a long time. But therapy can be more than this. Sometimes you just need a slightly different perspective from someone who is a bit more remote from your situation to help you see things slightly differently. This hopefully will give you greater choices about decisions you want to make.

Whether it is an emotional or relationship problem that has been with you for some time, or a more straight forward issue that needs a confidential space, working with a therapist can bring great perspective and emotional freedom to help you make better choices in life.



Because within you are all the skills, talents, abilities and drive to make the right choices going forward.  The Person Centered approach does not seek to analyse or diagnose your issues. There is no magic fix waiting to be applied. You have everything within you to be the person you were meant to be, but history has distorted or clouded your vision and with the help of a caring, skilled listener, you can begin to peel back some of those layers and see the real you, and all you are meant to be.