Personal Development

Everyone wants to be the best they can be. We work out to improve physical fitness, we go on a diet to look our best, we go into further education to improve our chances of getting a better job, or we read books to help us gain skills and knowledge.

Everywhere around us, people are looking to get as much out of life as possible.

As a non directive Therapist, I work with clients to explore the things that might be holding them back from being able to move into that elusive next step. Understanding where you are now is the best way to figure out a plan to get you to where you want to be. Dreams are great, but its action plans that move you, and keep you focused on your goals. If you dont know where you are starting from, its difficult to map out the route.

My approach is holistic, embracing all aspects of individual personality, and as such is useful in a wide range of applications. Here are just a few


We live in a wonderful physical body which sometimes goes wrong on us. There are seasons in our life where we might find ourselves with distorted sleeping, eating or drinking patterns that might be affecting how we see ourselves or could be setting up dependency habits we don’t want to turn into addictions. Working on these physical issues with a trained therapist who is not going to judge your habits, can bring great freedom from lifestyle choices that you want to change. Exploring the reasons behind poor eating , drinking , sleeping and & exercise patterns can be really helpful in promoting changes for a healthier lifestyle.


We spend so much of our time at work. For many people, their work is a real joy, they get great satisfaction from what they do and how they do it. For others, work is a means to an end, a way of funding how they want to live their lives so they can enjoy the things they enjoy doing.

For others however, there maybe a restlessness, a desire to move on but a sense of not knowing where to go or how to do it. Traditional careers counselling often uses tests and models to offer you suggestions as to what kind of work might fit your personality, skills and interests, and that can be very useful.

Working with a non directive therapist such as myself, is different. I work to help you understand the reasons why you might enjoy the things you enjoy and put into perspective the things that you might struggle with. Your work life is such an integral pert of who you are that to explore it in isolation of YOU as a whole person is to risk missing important aspects of your personality, dreams and desires.

I will not offer you my suggestions but will help you explore your underlying needs, desires, values and skills so that you are equipped to make your own choices. If you choose to work through this process, I will also help you to figure out an action plan to implement what you have discovered but the content of that plan will always be of your own choosing.


Sometimes in order to move on in a work situation you might need to gain new skills and experience. This can raise its own anxieties as you step into new and challenging areas at work where you may not know how to fit in and be your best. There are plenty of good training resources out there to help you develop new skills, but sometimes there are real issues of confidence, ability, self esteem or relationships that can really hold you back from getting the best out of your training investment.

I work with clients to help them explore the reasons behind issues such as a lack of confidence or self esteemĀ  in the work place, so that you can improve the way you relate to your team or peers, or to help you perform better especially under stress.

Some examples of how the approach can be helpful might be :

Overcoming nervousness ahead of an important interview or presentation

Being able to flex your style to be more influential with customers or other departmental teams

Being more efficient in using your time / prioritising your agenda / work-life balance

Developing greater delegation skills & empowering your team to work more effectively

Understanding what is important to you and your value set before deciding to change jobs.

If you are a Technical expert, how to relate and perform better to commercial or operational colleagues, who’s agendas might be very different from yours.


We are designed to be in relationships, its where we are at our best. Sometimes those relationships can be difficult especially with those we are closest too either at home, in the workplace or in our social lives. I use a model which explores your relationships with yourself, your history and those around you to understand better what makes you tick and what pushes your buttons. Knowing this equips you to make changes so that your productive relationships can be more productive and those less helpful relationships can be better managed.


We all have a world view on spiritual matters whether that is a fully orthodox religious viewpoint or a more relaxed or athiestic viewpoint. How we feel about the Spiritual realm has a huge effect on how we choose to live our lives whether we know it or not. Being able to openly explore what you think about the Spiritual realm with someone who is not going to judge you, argue their own point, or impose their own view onto you can be really releasing. Whilst my own worldview is Christian, I have traveled my own path of exploration and now seek to help you as you travel yours, by really listening to you as you discover how you see your world.

I have experience of listening to and working with a wide range of viewpoints from Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Paganism, New Age, Christian denominations such as Baptist / Anglican/ Catholic / Methodist / Pentecostal, to name a few and those with no set viewpoint or those with an athiestsic worldview. In particular I have experience in helping church leaders explore their own positions, viewpoints and values in a safe and confidential relationship outside the parameters of their church environment.

My role here is not to teach you the principles of your chose faith, but to help you explore for yourself what those mean to you and how you might work with them better in your own life so that you have greater awareness and peace.

For those who are Christian and want to work on applying Christian Principles in their lives, I am able to help you explore that and help you apply what you have discovered. I often use scripture in this work but again it is your journey and your findings that we are working on and not my own. This particular aspect of work can often be a bit more directive than traditional person centered counselling because we are using scripture, so we would have an initial discussion to explore what you are really looking for so that we can both be agreed as to how it is going to work best for you.